Updated: 05/16/2011

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Update: This is my last update to this site. I have been forced to give up artifact hunting do to an eye disease that is taking my sight away. Boy I sure do miss the days of tromping through the muddy spring fields and calling friends to tell them of my finds for the day. With the invention of NO-TILL hunting plowed fields in this area is next to impossible! Good luck hunting to all who still can!

On these pages I will show some of my artifact finds that I have found in Indiana over the last 38 years. I have found over 28,000 pieces (mostly broken) but I also have 1000's of whole pieces.

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Well you found the Arrowhead junkie homepage. I have had the bug for most of my life. I have been blessed with some of the best artifact hunting areas in the country. It is not uncommon to find sites that produce 20 to 30 pieces a day. You can find every time period on just about every site. I love to walk around and find paleo,woodland, archiac and mississippian points, all on the same campsite.

Arrowhead Junkies have been here times.

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